Natalia Skritskaya, PhD

Clinical Training Director

CGT Therapist and Supervisor

I feel fortunate to have witnessed the conception and birth of the Center for Complicated Grief and to currently participate in ushering it on a path of maturity. It is very exciting and rewarding for me to be involved in making the Complicated Grief Treatment, a psychotherapy with supported effectiveness, available to the people who need it. I believe in using science to improve lives.

Being a part of a small innovative team means that everyone has to wear multiple hats and things never get boring. I work very closely with our Center Director, Dr. Shear, and the Center Manager, Colleen Gribbin, on implementing training initiatives, designing the website, starting new research projects and trying to envision the Center years ahead. I also interact by phone and email with people who contact the center looking for help. It is extremely gratifying to hear their appreciation and to perceive that I have instilled some more hope.

In my spare time, I enjoy learning about life by watching my son grow. I appreciate time with family and friends, although with many of them we are on different continents. Trying new recipes when I have a chance relaxes me and feeds my creative side.

In the past I have studied Social Psychology in Russia and received an undergraduate degree from St. Petersburg University. In America I became interested in clinical psychology and received my PhD from Hofstra University.