Complicated Grief

Unrelenting Pain

We use the term “complicated” to mean that something is getting in the way of coping with the death of a loved one. When grief is complicated the pain can be unrelenting and life seems empty of any possibility for happiness. We want to help lessen the pain. We want to make it possible to honor grief as a form of love.

Not Knowing What Is Happening

Even though bereavement is a universal human experience, acute grief is often a disconcerting experience that is unique to each person and each loss. We want to help you understand how grief emerges naturally after a loss and seeks its rightful place in ongoing life and how to recognize and deal with complications that can stall or halt this process.

A World Defined By Absence

One of the difficult things about complicated grief is the feeling that everything in life is infused with a sense of absence and return of the deceased person is all that could relieve the pain. We want to help people find ways to restore meaningful connections to others, a sense of purpose and the possibility for happiness.