Ways to Help with Complicated Grief

Handsome and mature Asian man.Recognizing Complicated Grief

People with CG may seek advice from health or mental health professionals. They feel relieved and understood when a helping professional asks questions about complicated grief symptoms. We want to help doctors, nurses, pastoral and lay counselors and other therapists become familiar with complicated grief and complicated grief treatment.

Providing Good Support

Most people do not grieve well alone. People typically gather around a bereaved person and provide comfort and solace. It is more difficult to support a person with complicated grief.  Friends can become frustrated and relationships can falter. We want to help friends and family members understand CG and find ways to rebuild their relationship to their bereaved friend.



Practicing Self-Compassion

People often have compassion for the suffering of others but may have difficulty being compassionate toward themselves. Rationally you may know that everyone suffers but when you are in pain it can be hard to remember this. We want to help people learn about self compassion and ways to practice it.