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Self Assessment Tool & Handouts

Brief Grief Questionnaire

Take this brief questionnaire to see if you might be experiencing complicated grief.

CG & Its Treatment

A handout for patients, friends, and family members with basic information on grief, adaptation to loss, complicated grief and complicated grief treatment.

Managing Difficult Times

A handout for patients, friends, and family members with information and worksheets to help recognize, anticipate and manage difficult times.

HEALING Milestones: What To Expect from Grief with Covid-19 Addendum

The first in a white paper series on understanding grief and healing and what can derail this process.

Complicated Grief: What It Is and What It Feels Like

Providing good grief support for close friends

Complicated grief after a suicide

Suicide is more common than we realize. Yet, people who lost a loved one to suicide might feel ashamed to share the truth with others. They might also struggle to shake off thoughts that they are somehow responsible for this death.

Complicated grief after the Loss of a Spouse or Partner

Our life partners are part of our day-to-day life and often our most important companions. Losing them can affect us profoundly and increase the risk of developing complicated grief.

Complicated Grief after the Loss of a Child

Parents who have lost a child may feel waves of self-blame or surges of anger at the unfairness of it. Their minds filled with thoughts and memories of their child, it can seem impossible to imagine how to go on with their own lives.

Webinars & App

Managing Difficult Times

This webinar covers four principles for managing difficult times of the year like the holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.

GriefCare for Families

You can access GriefCare for Families through a web portal on a computer or mobile device. A mobile app for iPhone and Android will be released soon.This program includes information and learn by doing activities to help parents get to know their own grief and facilitate their ability to parent grieving children. Therapists can use this to supplement work with grieving parents.