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Manual & Assessment Instrument Packet

Complicated Grief Treatment Manual

Complicated Grief Treatment (CGT) is a 16-session, evidence-based approach that helps resolve grief complications and facilitate the natural adaptive process. By following the instructions in this manual and using other training supports as needed, you can learn to administer a simple, highly effective treatment that can change the lives of people caught in a seemingly endless cycle of grief.


Assessment Instrument Packet, Cover Page with Flower

Assessment Instrument Packet

A set of simple CG symptom-focused questionnaires used to identify and characterize CG. These instruments were also designed to track progress through the manualized 16-session treatment.


Collage of resources cover pages

Manual & Tools Bundle

Bundle includes:
The Complicated Grief Treatment Manual
Assessment Instrument Packet
Complicated Grief and Its Treatment Handout (long version)
Managing Difficult Times Handout (long version)



Purple flower on cover page

Complicated Grief and Its Treatment Handout
(Full version)

A 50+ page handout for patients and their families that describes the model of bereavement, grief and adaptation to loss used to understand CG and guide CGT. This handout provides an overview of the attachment theory model used in CGT and explains the various experiences involved in acute grief including a range of emotions and how the emotions can be used.


Flower in field on cover page

Managing Difficult Times (Full version)

A 20+ page handout for patients, friends, and family members that describes the concept of difficult times and provides some suggestions and worksheets to help people anticipate and manage calendar days that can trigger surges of grief.


Assessment Instruments

Complicated Grief Questionnaire

Structured Clinical Interview for CG (SCI-CG)

A semi-structured clinical interview that can be easily administered and used to identify individuals suffering from complicated grief.


Complicated Grief Questionnaire

Typical Beliefs Questionnaire (TBQ)

A 25-item questionnaire that asks the patient to rate the extent to which they believe various statements related to the loss. This is a useful way to elicit some of the common maladaptive beliefs that can interfere with adaptation to loss.  


Complicated Grief Questionnaire

Grief-Related Avoidance Questionnaire (GRAQ)

A 15-item questionnaire that asks the patient to rate the degree of avoidance of specific situations related to bereavement.


Complicated Grief Questionnaire

Grief Support Inventory (GSI)

A way of eliciting information about people who have been supportive since the loss and those who have been actively unsupportive.


Complicated Grief Questionnaire

Loss Summary (LOSS SUM)

A list of close friends and relatives the patient has lost and a rating of how difficult this loss was. This instrument can help a therapist decide if there are other important losses that need to be addressed.


Complicated Grief Difficult Times Questionnaire

Difficult Times Questionnaire (DTQ)

This form asks people to rate how difficult they find certain calendar dates (e.g. anniversary of the death, birthdays, wedding anniversary, holiday times, and any other difficult time). Knowing which dates are likely to trigger grief is important in working with someone with CG.



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