Level 2 Workshop Participants
This forum is available to licensed professionals who have completed a Level 2 workshop. We want to encourage workshop participants to use CGT. To provide support for this, we set up a forum where you can share your experience and questions with other Level 2 graduates and with Center training staff. We will monitor this forum at least once a week, answer questions and share our own experiences. We want to provide support for using CGT in the way that you think is best for your practice. Purchase access is limited to 3 months at a time.

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Training Video Self-Study
This forum is available free of charge as a part of the Training Video Series. We want to help you learn the most you can from these videos. We set up a forum where you can share observations with others who view the video. You can ask questions of Dr. Shear or Stephanie about the videos. We’ll monitor the forum at least once a week. We’ll answer your questions and share our own observations and experience. We hope you will take advantage of this helpful feature. You can purchase the video self-study here.

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