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Our Research Talks provide an opportunity to hear from invited professionals about interesting research findings and new ideas relevant to bereavement and grief.

Upcoming Webinars

December 4 (12:00pm - 1:00pm EST): Augmented Depression Therapy (ADepT) to enhance wellbeing after a loss. Presenter: Dr. Barney Dunn. Free or 1 CE for fee.  Register now.

It is increasingly recognised that anhedonia (a loss of interest and pleasure) and broader deficits in wellbeing are core to depression and not satisfactorily treated by current mainstream psychological therapies. Augmented Depression Therapy (ADepT) is one of a family of emerging treatments that aim to address this gap. A key aspect of adapting to a loss is to gradually reconnect to valued activities in life that can bring wellbeing. Similar to depression, patterns of reactivity that accompany grieving can interfere with engagement with life. This suggests that there may be opportunities to enhance grief treatments by learning from depression wellbeing work (and vice versa). This talk will introduce ADepT, very briefly review evidence of its efficacy (in particular results from a recent pilot RCT comparing it to CBT), and then explore ways in which ideas and techniques from ADepT might be used to help support people who are grieving.

Learning Objectives

1. Describe how ADepT can enhance wellbeing after a loss

2. List the key findings of a recent study comparing ADepT to CBT

3. Utilize techniques from this treatment approach in work with bereaved clients

Webinars On-Demand

CE credits are available for a fee. 1 CE = $20; 1.5 CE = $30.

ADAPT: A Web-Based Intervention for Bereaved Parents

Nancy Dias, PhD

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Suicide Bereavement and Postvention Support

Jill Harrington, DSW


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Public mental health and bereavement during the COVID-19 pandemic

Christy A. Denckla, PhD

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Promoting Resilience in Bereaved Children and Parents

Irwin Sandler, PhD

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Understanding Grief and Adaptation to Loss In The Time of Coronavirus

M. Katherine Shear, MD

Not available for CEs

GriefSteps for Parents: a free digital resource

M. Katherine Shear, MD

Not available for CEs

Addressing Grief in the Perinatal Period

Catherine Monk, PhD & Jennifer Kenny, NP

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International Panel Discussion on ICD-11 Prolonged Grief Disorder

Andreas Maercker, MD PhD; Lars Mehlum, MD PhD; Christine Mauro, PhD

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Why Typical Beliefs Matter in Grief

Natalia Skritskaya, PhD

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Sleep Disturbance and Grief

Dr. Kristin Szuhany

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Brain Research and Grief

Mary-Frances O'Connor, PhD

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Beyond Burnout: Finding Balance and Enhancing Resilience

Dr. Dale Larson

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Understanding and Addressing the Needs of Bereaved Military Family Members

Stephen Cozza, MD

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Can We Prevent CG in Bereaved Caregivers?

Dr. Mai-Britt Guldin

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Managing Pre-Death Grief

Franziska Meichsner, PhD

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Writing After Loss: What Grief Memoirs Teach Us

Maite Snauwaert, PhD

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The Impact of Suicide on the Community

Julie Cerel, PhD

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Suicide Bereavement and Complicated Grief

Sidney Zisook, MD

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Emotion regulation therapy for chronic distress

Douglas Mennin, PhD

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PTSD, Traumatic Distress and Complicated Grief: It’s complicated!

Naomi Simon, M.D.

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Loss, Resilience, and Prolonged Grief

George Bonanno, PhD

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