Train with Us

Our workshops focus on knowledge and skills that enable you to recognize and treat complicated grief. Learning CGT is not complicated. The treatment is short-term, strength-based and collaborative and has been proven efficacious in rigorous clinical trials. Many therapists are now using CGT successfully in their practice. Click Register Now to learn more.

Attend a Two-Day Workshop

The goal of our two-day workshop is to prepare clinicians to use CGT.

We show you how CGT works and why it is so successful. We start by building a strong alliance with bereaved clients. We use techniques based on seven core themes: 1) Getting to know grief, 2) Managing strong emotions, 3) Thinking about the future, 4) Managing ongoing relationships, 5) Telling the story of the death, 6) Revisiting reminders of the loss and 7) Accessing living memories of the deceased. You learn and practice these techniques. Then we show you how we use them together. This workshop uses actual client videos and is highly interactive with experiential self-reflection exercises and opportunities to practice procedures.

October 25-26, 2019: Treat Complicated Grief. 13.0 CEs. Register now.

February 28-29, 2020: Treat Complicated Grief. 13.0 CEs. Register now.

Attend a One-Day Workshop

The goal of our one-day introductory workshop is to provide a foundation for learning CGT.

We provide a conceptual framework for understanding grief and adaptation to loss. We explain our procedures for screening, diagnosis and assessment of individuals with complicated grief and how we differentiate this condition from major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. We describe CGT and present the evidence that confirms its efficacy and show you some simple, practical ways to start using it in your practice.

January 31, 2020: The Big Picture: CGT Principles and Procedures. 6.5 CEs. Register now.

Guest Lecture Series

Our Guest Lecture Series provides an opportunity to hear from invited professionals and experts on a variety of topics.

November 1, 2019: Influences of Religion and Spirituality on Grief and Mourning: Implications for Grief Counseling. 6.5 CEs. Register now to attend in-person or online!

Off-Site Workshops

November 22-23, 2019: San Mateo, CA. Level 2. Register now.