Attend a One-Day Workshop

The Center for Complicated Grief’s workshops focus on knowledge and skills needed to work with complicated grief (CG) using a time-limited, targeted psychotherapy that has been tested and proven efficacious in three large NIMH-funded randomized controlled trials.

This one-day workshop is designed to provide a conceptual framework for understanding grief and adaptation to loss generally and in relation to CG. We include strategies and procedures for screening, diagnosis and assessment of individuals with CG and discuss how to differentiate this condition from major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. We provide an overview of complicated grief therapy (CGT) and introduce some simple, practical procedures that you can use in your practice.  

April 24, 2020: ONLINE VIA ZOOM. The Big Picture: CGT Principles and Procedures. 6.5 CEs. Register now.

Attend a Two-Day Workshop

The faculty at the Center for Complicated Grief offers this workshop covering principles and practice of a 16-session treatment complicated grief therapy (CGT) that you can use for clients with CG. You will learn how to implement CGT using active empathic listening, brief personalized interventions, a Sherpa-like companionship alliance, and a series of targeted procedures. You will learn how to use a grief monitoring diary to help clients understand and accept grief and optimize their ability to manage emotional pain. You will learn to help clients think about the future and strengthen relationships with loved ones and others in their community. With this background, you will learn how to help clients tell the story of the death, live with reminders and connect with memories of the deceased. You will find the course to be highly interactive with brief faculty presentations.  In addition to group discussions we will have extensive in-depth discussion of video examples of core treatment procedures.   

May 15-16, 2020: ONLINE VIA ZOOM. Practice-Focused Training in Complicated Grief Therapy. 13.0 CEs. Register now. 

Guest Lecture Series

Our Guest Lecture Series provides an opportunity to hear from invited professionals and experts on a variety of topics.

POSTPONED - DATE TBD: NEW YORK, NY. Emotion Regulation Therapy for Conditions of Distress. Presenters: Douglas Mennin, PhD & David Fresco, PhD. 6.5 CEs. Join in-person or online via Zoom. Register now.

Humans are especially adept at seeing problems in the future and trying to figure out how to fix them and looking into our past to see what went wrong in order to make better choices. The gift of humanity is in our ability to see where we've come from and what we can take from that experience to apply it to what may come and improve our standing. But, this gift can also be a curse. These tools can become traps. Worrying. Ruminating. Criticizing.

Emotion regulation therapy (ERT) is a theoretically-derived, evidence-based, treatment that integrates principles from traditional and contemporary behavioral, meditative, and experiential treatments with basic and translational findings from affect science to offer a blueprint for improving intervention for individuals with chronic distress.