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If you think you or someone you know is suffering from complicated grief, we may be able to help. To locate professional support in your area, browse our list of CGT therapists, CG-informed therapists, and other grief counselors.

What is a CGT therapist?

CGT therapists have undergone extensive training at the Center in the assessment and treatment of complicated grief. CGT therapists employ the core techniques and procedures of CGT to help identify and resolve grief complications and guide adaptation to loss.

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What is a CG-informed therapist?

CG-informed therapists are licensed professionals who have participated in a workshop at the Center. The Center’s workshops provide therapists with an introduction to complicated grief and CGT treatment procedures. Below you can find a therapist that has participated in either an introductory or intermediate workshop with us.

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What about other therapists?

If you can’t find a CG-informed therapist in your area you might want to locate a grief counselor and let them know you think you may be suffering from complicated grief. You can tell them you found them through our website where you found other helpful information.

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