Resources for People with CG

If you think you or someone you know is suffering from complicated grief, we may be able to help.

People with complicated grief usually need treatment. Without effective treatment and support, CG can persists for decades, robbing sufferers of their own lives and isolating them from friends and loved ones whose lives are also impacted.

In addition to finding a therapist, we can help you help yourself. We provide information about self-compassion, managing difficult times and providing good support. We also provide links to some of our favorite websites.

Find a Therapist

There are different ways to approach treatment, but you probably want to find a mental health professional or grief counselor who knows how to recognize complicated grief and how to treat it.

Browse our list of CGT therapists and list of CG-informed therapists.

Explore alternative ways to locate grief counselors or other professional support in your area.

Help Yourself

If you are suffering from complicated grief there are things you might be able to do to help yourself.

Practicing Self-Compassion

Most of us try to be compassionate to others, but often we are not compassionate to ourselves. We often find it difficult to practice self-compassion even when we are always very kind and understanding of other people. People with complicated grief almost always have difficulty with self-compassion. We want to help you learn about self-compassion and ways to practice it.

Managing Difficult Times

Most bereaved people experience surges in sadness and longing at different times, but over time they find ways to comfort themselves. People with complicated grief have trouble doing this. Anticipating and planning can help you feel less out of control and powerless. We want to help you learn ways to cope with grief during difficult times of the year.

Help Others

If you know someone with complicated grief you might be feeling helpless and frustrated. There might be something to do that would help.

Providing Good Support

Most people do not grieve well alone. People typically gather around a bereaved person and provide comfort and solace. It is more difficult to support a person with complicated grief. Friends can become frustrated and relationships can falter. We want to help friends and family members understand CG and find ways to rebuild their relationship to their bereaved friend.

Browse Grief Websites

There are many good websites that provide information on grief and loss and options for support, which include online communities, national and local bereavement support groups, and opportunities to share your story and get involved. Browse our list of grief websites.

Read Some Books

It can sometimes be helpful to read about other people’s experiences with grief to navigate your own grief. We have compiled a select list of books on bereavement, grief, and loss that may be helpful.