We want to help licensed health and mental health professionals learn how recognize and treat people with CG. We offer a menu of experiences to help you learn. We work to personalize these experiences as fully as possible. Our philosophy of learning entails stimulating your interest and imagination in ways that can help you understand and guide people struggling to adapt to a difficult loss.

Through our training program you can learn:

  • How to recognize CG as a unique syndrome
  • Ways to use simple screening and diagnostic instruments
  • How CG relates to love, loss and grief
  • Different approaches to treating CG
  • Benefits of being a Sherpa guide in grief
  • Principles and procedures of our proven efficacious complicated grief treatment (CGT)

Join us for a workshop at Columbia School of Social Work in New York City to learn about complicated grief and its treatment and to meet other people working in this area. Workshops are led by Dr. M. Katherine Shear and our team of experienced CGT therapists and are attended by professionals from across the country and around the globe. This is a unique opportunity to meet and engage with others in the grief and bereavement field.

After participating in our workshops, take your training to the next level through individual, session by session case consultation with our team to build essential skills and competencies to effectively deliver CGT.






It’s exciting to see professionals around the world utilizing this treatment successfully.
 – Dr. M. Katherine Shear
Center Director






 When clinicians are empowered to help clients suffering from complicated grief, they feel renewed energy and hope.
Dr. Bonnie Gorscak
CGT Therapist
& Senior Supervisor






It is very rewarding to witness change while helping therapists and their clients to navigate a passage through the high seas of grief.
– Dr. Natalia Skritskaya
Clinical Training Coordinator, CGT Therapist and Supervisor