Our quarterly workshops at Columbia School of Social Work in New York City are designed to introduce licensed professionals to complicated grief. We include methods for recognition and treatment. People who attend our workshops provide evaluations and we incorporate this information in our planning. This means we regularly update the content and instructional methods. In general, our 1-day workshops focus on understanding the people with CG and our 2-day workshops focus on how to treat them.

Introduction to Complicated Grief and Complicated Grief Treatment

In this 1-day workshop you are introduced to the syndrome of complicated grief (CG) using a case-based approach with stories, videos and experiential exercises. You can expect to learn how to:

  • Recognize CG
  • Understand CG within a general framework of love, loss and grief
  • Differentiate CG from common mental health problems
  • Conduct a CG assessment that lays the groundwork for treatment
  • Consider how you might work with people with CG
  • Learn about different treatment models in the published literature

The workshop really was beyond what I expected it to be. I was hoping for a little bit of new insight and new information about complicated grief and what I feel like I got was a lot of inspiration to serve my clients using some of the skills I learned at the workshop.
– Laura Bradbury, Hospice Social Worker
North Carolina

Complicated Grief Treatment Principles and Procedures

In this 2-day workshop you learn about complicated grief treatment (CGT), the proven efficacious, 16-session psychotherapy developed to identify and resolve complications of grief and facilitate adaptation to loss. We use demonstrations and role-play exercises to help you learn the basics of the treatment. Here is what we provide in this workshop:

  • An overview of the organizational framework of CGT
  • A description of the therapist as Sherpa guide
  • An explanation of core elements of CGT and their rationale
  • Preliminary instruction in key CGT procedures using video and/or live demonstration of techniques and role-play exercises
  • A review of the evidence behind CGT
  • Trouble-shooting

This workshop is the second step in pursuing CGT training through the Center. Following completion, you are encouraged to pursue case consultation to develop essential skills and competencies to administer CGT.

It’s great meeting other people outside of Australia who are specializing in the same area and just hearing today the comments about what to say when [a client] gets stuck…I’m leaving tonight thinking this is going to be OK and it’s going to be OK for them.
– Keren Ludski, Grief Counsellor
Melbourne, Australia

Within the CGT treatment there are various components in it and every component has meaning and purpose and rationale behind [it]. I think this treatment is highly therapeutic. I can see [a] remarkable difference after I applied CGT on those patients suffering [from] CG than my previous intervention.
– Adrian Sham, Specialist Psychiatrist
Hong Kong

Off-Site Workshops and Presentations

Our staff frequently travel to locations around the country and throughout the world to provide workshops and presentations for hospitals, hospice organizations, community mental health centers, primary care physician groups, professional associations, research groups, and religious organizations. We also present at national and international conferences and symposia. Contact us to request a speaker for your organization.