The Center for Complicated Grief’s workshops focus on knowledge and skills needed to work with complicated grief (CG) using a time-limited, targeted psychotherapy that has been tested and proven efficacious in three large NIMH-funded randomized controlled trials.

Level 1: Getting Started

This one-day workshop is designed to provide a conceptual framework for understanding grief and adaptation to loss generally and in relation to complicated grief.  We include strategies and procedures for screening, diagnosis and assessment of individuals with complicated grief and discuss how to differentiate this condition from major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.  We provide an overview of Complicated Grief Treatment (CGT) and introduce some simple, practical procedures that you can use in your practice.

You can expect to learn how to:

  • Understand acute, integrated, and complicated grief and adaptation to loss
  • Implement effective screening, diagnosis and assessment procedures with bereaved clients
  • Recognize differences between CG, PTSD and MDD
  • Introduce and explain the use of a grief monitoring diary

The workshop really was beyond what I expected it to be. I was hoping for a little bit of new insight and new information about complicated grief and what I feel like I got was a lot of inspiration to serve my clients using some of the skills I learned at the workshop.
– Laura Bradbury, Hospice Social Worker
North Carolina

Level 2: Learn to do CGT

This two-day workshop covers principles, and practice of a manualized treatment that you can use for clients with complicated grief. You will learn practical information about how and why we use the core procedures and how we put them together. Faculty will guide you in understanding how to conceptualize, diagnose and plan a targeted personalized treatment. Participants will learn what we mean by a Sherpa-like companionship treatment alliance, how to use a grief monitoring diary and how to work with personalized aspirational goals in order to revitalize and strengthen self-regulation in bereaved clients.  You will learn how to enhance reconnection with significant others, how to listen to the story of the death, how to guide clients in situational revisiting and how to foster continuing bonds to the deceased through memories and imaginal conversation. This course is highly interactive with brief faculty presentations, small group discussions, some role plays, and Q and A.

This workshop is the second step in pursuing CGT training through the Center. Following completion, you are encouraged to pursue case consultation to develop essential skills and competencies to administer CGT.

It’s great meeting other people outside of Australia who are specializing in the same area and just hearing today the comments about what to say when [a client] gets stuck…I’m leaving tonight thinking this is going to be OK and it’s going to be OK for them.
– Keren Ludski, Grief Counsellor
Melbourne, Australia

Within the CGT treatment there are various components in it and every component has meaning and purpose and rationale behind [it]. I think this treatment is highly therapeutic. I can see [a] remarkable difference after I applied CGT on those patients suffering [from] CG than my previous intervention.
– Adrian Sham, Specialist Psychiatrist
Hong Kong

Level 3: Advanced Workshops in CGT Procedures

These workshops offer clinicians the opportunity to work in-depth with the core procedures of CGT such as grief monitoring, revisiting and restoration exercises.

Off-Site Workshops and Presentations

Our staff frequently travel to locations around the country and throughout the world to provide workshops and presentations for hospitals, hospice organizations, community mental health centers, primary care physician groups, professional associations, research groups, and religious organizations. We also present at national and international conferences and symposia. Contact us to request a speaker for your organization.